Branding and Franchises in the Fitness Studio Industry

Fitness Studio Brands

Defining your gym branding begins with research and a clear understanding of your target audience. This helps you develop a brand persona and unique values, which guide your messaging, visuals, and overall brand strategy.

Gym branding is more than a logo or colors; it’s a business strategy that enables you to connect with customers and stand out from the competition.

Row House

Row House provides members with a high-energy, low impact workout that strengthens their bodies from head to toe. Their classes are ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. They also offer a variety of nutritional products and personal coaching.

The founders of the company, Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo, are experienced in running a business. They founded the company in 2014 to help people of all ages achieve their fitness goals in an inclusive group environment.

Xponential Fitness is the curator of boutique fitness brands and Row House has proven that it is an outstanding choice for those who are looking for a high-energy, low impact workout. Currently, they have over 90 franchises in the US and are growing.

Row House offers extensive support for its franchisees. Their training includes three-day classes at the headquarters and ongoing sales support. They also provide assistance in financing and site selection. They can assist with loan processing through the SBA and preferred financiers.


The father-daughter team wants to create a community of members at their studio in Mount Pleasant. They offer an approachable workout in a comfortable environment that’s different from the traditional health club setting. They also provide personalized data that helps participants track their progress and encourages them to keep pushing.

Their 60-minute sessions combine cardio, strength and flexibility. The instructors guide the group through three separate workout segments, 20 minutes of spin, circuit-style HIIT training and full-body yoga. This combination of varying workouts helps prevent boredom and keeps the body from plateauing.

The studios have a clean, spa-like feel that makes the space inviting. All the equipment is cleaned by staff, and there’s a distinctive SPENGA scent that is pumped through the HVAC system to ensure cleanliness. The brand uses BeaverFit’s Single Post, a functional training solution that maximizes storage and exercise capabilities in limited space. This allows them to fit more in each of their studios.


Jazzercise is a group fitness program that offers workouts in different formats to help people meet their fitness and health goals. The program has a variety of products including workout DVDs and online streaming services. It also offers classes that focus on a specific body part or type of exercise. These classes are a great way to keep people motivated and stay focused on their goals.

The first Jazzercise was developed in 1969 by a dance teacher named Judi Sheppard Missett. The program was the forerunner to many of the dance-inspired aerobics programs that popped up during the ’80s. Today, Jazzercise combines dance and martial arts with strength training to provide a full-body workout.

The Jazzercise workout can enhance overall fitness levels by improving cardiovascular endurance, building muscle mass, and increasing flexibility. However, the high-impact moves can cause injuries if not performed correctly. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Girls Just Wanna Box

Girls Just Wanna Box is a 5-Level Women’s boxing program including their Teen Classes for girls ages 7-17 that offers technique based training to learn the true sport of boxing and make sure they have fun doing it. They run this program along side the Insight X Boxing co-ed full schedule and operate out of Mind-Set Strength & Conditioning Gym. Founders Helene Jafine and Kristina Ejem talk about their studio’s future plans on our latest episode of The Fitness Founders Podcast. Girls Just Wanna Box is also launching their first Intro to Boxing Clinic for Girls Ages 9-14 on February 10th.

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