Fitness Classes: Motivating Workouts for Health Goals

Fitness Classes in Quincy MA

Fitness classes are instructor-led workouts that create a motivating fitness community to pursue your health goals. They typically include a warm-up, workout and cool down.

Instructors lead participants of all ability levels through the workout with proper form. They also provide high energy to keep class fun and challenging.

Water Wellness

Fitness classes can be a great way to meet new people and stay motivated. They also give you a chance to try different exercise types that might not be available to you on your own. Whether you want to trim those triceps or blast those shoulders, there’s sure to be a class that suits your needs.

Water Wellness Mission is a project under the umbrella of Sea Island Hunger Awareness Foundation (SIHAF). SIHAF started in 2014 and received non-profit status in 2015. The foundation works to improve the lives of Sea Island residents by delivering food staples and growing nutritious produce.

WWM is in the process of putting wells into the ground on Wadmalaw Island for families who struggle to have access to clean, safe drinking water. Corina Bright, a member of the Kiawah Club, joined the team on a recent trip to install a well for 60 year old Danial Seabrook.


If you love to sweat with a team of motivated instructors and uplifting music this is the class for you. This Les Mills workout combines simple, hot dance moves with top-notch motivation and encouragement to burn fat and tone up your entire body. Its scientifically designed high rep, low weight training uses the “REP EFFECT” to boost strength gains by utilizing time under tension and fatigue to generate muscular adaptation. Studies show that strength training also improves heart health and helps maintain healthy weight loss results longer term, as well as reduce the risk of regaining weight if you lose it.

The 55-minute class begins with a warm-up and then takes you through ten tracks that focus on different major muscle groups including legs, chest, back, shoulders and abdominals. You will be doing a mix of barbell focused exercises such as squats, deadlifts, clean and press, lunges and bicep curls along with push-ups and crunches.

Drop-In Fitness

Workout in the water with a pre-choreographed class designed to burn calories and build muscle. This low impact workout uses Aqualogix(tm) Hydrorevolution equipment to combine cardio training with muscle toning. This class is a fun and motivating workout that helps improve balance, stability and cardiovascular endurance.

Get a great cardio workout while you tone your entire body in this high-energy dance fitness class. This workout incorporates easy to follow steps, a variety of music and no experience necessary.

Instructors are trained in the latest Les Mills classes and trends. Enjoy a wide variety of live classes, Les Mills VIRTUAL classes or at home workouts on Les Mills On Demand. No registration deadlines – JUST DROP-IN. Register up to 30 minutes prior to class at the Welcome Desk. Space is limited. Ages 13+ are welcome. All drop-in participants must sign a facility usage waiver. No exceptions. See the class schedule for details. Must bring own towel/water.

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