Fitness Studio City Class Schedule: From Yoga to Latin Dance, Find Your Perfect Workout

La Fitness Studio City Class Schedule

In addition to a variety of classes, this studio features personal training sessions with certified trainers. Among its most popular classes are Body Sculpt, which is resistance-training intervals with a cardio finish, and Les Mills Tone, a circuit-style class that burns major calories.

Platefit, a workout done on the Power Plate, has earned a devoted following. Expect a 27-minute class that feels more like a party.


Yoga lovers will find plenty of ways to get their fix here, from traditional mat classes to anti-gravity sessions suspended from a hammock. Try Yoga on the Water in Marina del Rey, where you sink into Downward Dog while seagulls squawk overhead.

Yin yoga is slower and more meditative, targeting deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments and joints. This type of yoga helps reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility, leaving you feeling centered and refreshed.

If you prefer a faster pace, step your way to a toned body with Cardio Latin Dance, led by MiMoDa owner and theater company member Richard Simmons, who greets each student with an individual smile, hug or pat on the ass. Class can feel like a ’70s dance party in the best possible way.

Downtown Cardio Latin

Dance your way to a healthier you with this fun, heart-pumping cardio class that incorporates Latin and international music. All fitness levels are welcome.

This energetic, fun and low impact class produces a high caloric burn and full body toning through carefully formulated interval training with pop music and easy-to-follow fitness choreography.

Silver Sneakers classes are held in meeting rooms and are limited to 60 participants, first come first serve. All other classes are held in the Group Fitness Room unless noted otherwise.

Strength Training

For a workout that builds and defines lean muscle, try the circuit-style Body Sculpt or Les Mills TONE classes. In both, you’ll do functional-training exercises to build upper body strength and blast calories with TRX, core work, and kettlebells.

Fitness class as interactive performance art: Richard Simmons, aka Sweatin’ to the Oldies, leads his band of ready-to-sweat disciples in an aerobics routine that can feel like a glam version of Black Swan. He claps, cheers and pats each student on the back with equal amounts of sincerity and mega-watt excitement.

Take an indoor cycling class at GGX Cycle or RPM Cycle, where instructors lead you on a challenging ride set to motivating music. This workout will burn major calories, and the cycling studio is air-conditioned.

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