Pioneering Lagree and Megaformer workouts at Studio 6 Fitness Plano.

Studio 6 Fitness Plano

Studio 6 Fitness was the first to pioneer the Lagree method with their Megaformer workouts. Their 50-minute classes are calorie burning and muscle quivering with elements of Pilates, yoga and barre.

This 2-star hotel provides 145 airy & well-appointed rooms. It features an en suite bathroom with complimentary quality toiletries. It also offers free parking and a continental breakfast.

Bar Method Plano

As one of the first studios to pioneer the lagree method in Dallas, this boutique fitness studio is all about reshaping the body and unleashing your inner strength. Every class is a full-body workout using the patented Megaformer machine and the Lagree Fitness Method to strengthen, lengthen, and tone. With a focus on proper form, the classes are designed to target specific muscles, helping to prevent injury and promote a long, lean physique.

With classes ranging from a warm-up and upper-body exercises to barre work and floor mat exercises, every Bar Method workout is a full-body workout with serious cardio intensity but no joint or spine stress. The instructors are highly trained to modify each exercise for students of all levels, including pregnant women and those with injuries. To prepare for your class, be sure to arrive 10 minutes early and bring grip socks – available for purchase at all studios. Then, you’ll be ready to shake, sweat, and transform!

Orangetheory Fitness West Plano

Located in Bar W Marketplace, this international gym is the newest addition to Plano’s Orangetheory Fitness locations. It offers heart rate-based interval training that combines rowing and treadmills with an array of strength equipment. It also has a unique feature that lets you keep track of your intensity levels through the ingenious green, orange, and red zones displayed on the workout screen.

This high-intensity functional training gym is dedicated to building a community of athletes that are passionate about lifting and pushing their limits. Its coaches offer personalized training and accountability, which is key to achieving fitness goals. Its pristine pools, group classes, and other amenities also make it a destination for health and wellness.

The North Richardson location is one of 29 Orangetheory Fitness studios in the DFW Metroplex. Its small group total-body fitness classes are science-based, technology-tracked, and coach-inspired to produce results from the inside out and give members a longer, more vibrant life.


The Pilates method is one of the most popular workouts in Dallas. It strengthens and tones the body in a low-impact environment. It also offers a challenging workout that will help you burn calories. In addition, it will improve your balance and flexibility. In the end, you will feel great.

You will be able to tone your muscles and reduce your back pain, while improving your posture. The instructors at studio 6 fitness plano are very encouraging and will motivate you to take your workout to the next level.

The founders of Rise Nation are no strangers to the boutique fitness scene. They made a splash when they launched their low-impact climbing cardio concept along Fitzhugh Avenue in 2016. The studio has since expanded its feel-good ethos to Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Lovers Lane and Plano. The airy studio features a beautiful backdrop and a music-driven Pilates workout. Its fusion classes blend Pilates, barre and yoga to create a heart-pounding workout.

Personal Training

Whether you’re new to exercise or an elite athlete, personal training is the best way to improve your fitness and achieve your goals. The experienced and certified staff at Studio 6 Fitness Plano will help you reach your goals by designing a customized program that meets your specific needs. They will also advise you on nutrition and weight loss, to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

One of the first Megaformer(tm) studios in Texas, Studio 6 Fitness offers a total body conditioning class using the Lagree Fitness Method and the patented Megaformer machine. This workout is designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of the entire body with slow, controlled movements without any joint or spine stress. Combined with elements of Pilates, Barre, and Yogalates, this workout can strengthen the core and burn serious calories. This popular gym also offers a range of other classes. You can schedule a workout online or in-person.

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